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Betting Limits

39.    Table stakes, (a) In any poker game except one with fixed limits, i.e., in any pot limit, doubling-up or no-limit game, a player who has not enough chips to call the preceding bets and who cannot obtain more chips may stay in for the showdown by betting all the chips he has left. If there are other players in the pot and they wish to continue betting, their bets above this amount go in a "side pot" in which the short player has no interest. Play continues normally until there is a showdown, when the player who was short competes on even terms for that part of the pot to which he contributed in full.

(b)    A player in a table stakes game may obtain additional
chips from the banker, and add them to his stack on the table, only in the period between a showdown and the beginning of the next deal. He may at no time reduce the number of chips he has in front of him, by cashing them in or by removing them from his stack, except when he leaves the game.

(c)    A player who is tapped and calls remains in the pot until
the showdown,  drawing cards on even terms with  the other players, without further contributions to the pot. If he has the best hand at the showdown, he takes the main pot. He has no interest in any side pots.

(d)    A player who drops rather than call a bet in a side pot
must discard his hand and relinquishes his interest in all pots.

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