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Poker This Poker Room Offer Free Money! > $100 $100 FREE with 100% Match Bonus! Before you start playing at your regular poker site or if you want to start at an `easy to play' poker site go and have a look at One of the biggest attractions of poker is that you play with other real people...people matching their skills and wits against each other. A real buzz to those of you who prefer that, to playing the odds against the house, as in many other casino games. They make full use of Macromedia's Flash download for great, realistic sound and graphics. In developing the software themselves they have not only addressed players' desires but created virtual poker rooms and tables with graphic displays of can almost smell the beige and the perfumed, dress up in your favourite holey pants, grab a cigar and a coldie and sit your wife/hubby (or whoever) on your knee and get playing.

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Golden Tiger Poker: $30 FREE with 100% Match Bonus! Golden Tiger Poker is like a internet social club. It is one of the smaller but more active rooms around. This means that you would meet regulars and creates more of a friendly atmosphere than most other poker rooms. The downside of this would be that you would need to be more patient to find a table, due to the smaller member base. The upside, naturally, is the community feeling that is created. Once you have a table, you will see the names (no avatars) of the other players, where you can right click on them to see more info of the player.You can also make your own personal notes about each player which is then saved for you to read when you come back.

Poker This Poker Room Offer Free Money! > $30
Virtual City Poker: $30 FREE with 100% Match Bonus! Virtual City Poker offers internet games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and Five-Card Stud. Multi-Player tables can be found here. Virtual City Poker has different poker events which stay updated on their website such as playing against well known authors. They offer 24/7 support and free downloads from the website. You can cash in at Virtual City Poker using Credit Cards (where available), Neteller, PrePaid ATM, Firepay, and wire transfer.

Aztec Riches Poker This Poker Room Offer Free Money! > $50
Aztec Poker: $50 FREE with 50% Match Bonus! Aztec Riches Poker has great action! What kind of action are you looking for? How about non-stop, 24 hour poker action against real people from around the world!. Whatever your game, you're sure to find a table open The selection of games at Aztec Riches internet Poker is unparalleled. They offer the standards, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud, plus the High-Low versions of the latter two games. Aztec Riches Poker also gives you the best Tournament and short handed table action online. And if you're new to these games, give our free play money tables a try.

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Seven Sultans Poker: $15 FREE, NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Plus, 25% Match Bonus Up To $40! Seven Sultans internet Poker have tons of promotions running all the time, offering players with small and big pokets to enjoy the games and tournaments at your own budget and pace! Over and above simply offering these great tournaments and jackpots, if you win, the jackpot will be credited to your account within 24 hours!

poker This Poker Room Offer Free Money! > $50
Poker Heaven: The $50 sign up bonus will be automatically credited into your account when you have raked your first 500 hands. Poker Heaven is running daily freeroll qualifiers for this year's World Series of Poker Main Event. Poker Heaven is also sending players to the prestigious Scottish Poker Championships .

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Royal Vegas Poker: $10 FREE, NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Plus, 25% Match Bonus Up To $40! Play against the experts at Royal Vegas: Lou Krieger, Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone, Matt Lessinger, Barbara Enright, Max Shapiro, Mike Cappelletti, and Alan Schoonmaker. Knockout bounties and autographed books up for grabs, in addition to $10,000 GUARANTEED.

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